Create and Manage micro-influencer campaigns on Instagram starting from £5

Hyphae is an easy-to-use platform that connects businesses with a network of hundreds of student micro-influencers in London and Cambridge. Pay only for the content you approve, and promote your brand to a highly-targeted local audience.

No credit card required

Businesses and agencies of all sizes are using micro-influencers
to grow their awareness

SME's and Startups

Starting from £5...

Starting from only £5, micro-influencer campaigns on make it affordable for small businesses to reap the benefits of targetted influencer marketing


Generate authentic, user-generated content at scale

No more stock images! Grow a genuine community around your brand with creative influencer-generated content, or use micro-influencers to directly promote your own content to a highly-targeted audience


Quick and Intuitive

Save time finding and managing micro-influencers through our end-to-end platform, and wow your clients with 6.7x better ROI than larger influencers

Why use Hyphae to create and manage your micro-influencer campaigns?


Create your campaigns for free and only pay for posts you approve – starting from just £5


Our proprietary pricing algorithm ensures you get the engagement and reach you pay for, without sacrificing targetting

Quick and Easy

Create a campaign in under a minute, and your dedicated account manager will be there to guide you through the rest of the process


With your identity data protected by Auth0 and payments protected by Stripe, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands! 

Campaigns start from just

  • Influencer generated content
  • or
  • Influencers will post your content
  • Campaigns are monitored 24/7 to ensure micro-influencers post the correct content at the correct time
  • 24/7 dedicated support

How does it work?

Start your first campaign with a few simple steps

Step 1
Create your campaign brief. Influencers can post an image you have already created, or can create content based on your briefing
Step 2
Influencers propose to join your campaign
Step 3
Accept proposals from the influencers you choose and an account manager will guide you through the next steps!

Create your first campaign for free!

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